Sparkling Concierge hosts Travel Writer Preethi Chandrasekhar!

Dear Globetrotter,

I have some exciting news this week!

I am so thrilled for the arrival of talented Travel Writer Preethi Chandrasekhar. She reached out to Sparkling Concierge a few months ago asking me to organize a complete discovery trip of Portugal. After months of preparation, many whatsapp calls, texts, and emails, the day is finally here and I am so excited to finally meet Preethi personally and show her my Portugal!

She will be visiting our beautiful country over 7 days, exploring the city of Lisbon, the magical land of Sintra, the never-ending beaches of Comporta and nature’s wild side of the Algarve

Preethi is an up-and-coming travel writer and photographer who has been traveling the globe for 15+ years. Her goal is to share her travel experiences to inform and inspire others to explore this beautiful world. She enjoys meeting new people and learning as much as possible about different cultures. Her topics focus on experiential & immersive travel to little known destinations. When she’s not traveling, you can find her at home in San Francisco, California, enjoying the sunshine and working on Customer Reference Marketing for a Technology company – while dreaming of her next travel assignment

Her journey in Portugal will take her through time from the first Lusitanos’ settlements, through Roman conquering periods, Mourish invasions, early 20th century European royalty immigration, all of which make Portugal the amazing country it is today!

During her trip, she will share with us her full experiences about the trendy and cosy accommodations she will stay in, the delicious Portuguese cuisine, the stunning architecture and the white sandy beaches

She will also give us some tips on how to relax during a 7-day stay in Portugal that can leave a traveler well rested and rejuvenated. She will also share with us her top recommendations on places to stay, what to do, where to eat and more.

You can follow her incredible journey on our social media:
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You can also follow Preethi’s adventure on her Instagram (@eagertravele) and twitter (@eagertravele), Facebook (@theeagertraveler) and blog (

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to discover Portugal through her eyes!

Contact me  if you’re interested in finding out more about Portugal.

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